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Mega Mario Bros.
ROM hacking by MEGAߥTE

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*Mega Mario Bros.*

A b o u t

Below are new IPS patches for my oft-requested Super Mario Bros. hack, Mega Mario Bros. This hack was done between 5 and 6 years ago and was never completed. Though the levels were hacked with Mario Improvement, it has several features that were rare or non-existent in hacks at the time. The game features hacked levels, a slightly different new fireball physics, altered music, and strange two-path level scenarios.

v0.05 is the last version that I have a copy of. v0.06 was lost in a hard drive crash, after which development was halted. This new patch is designed for the good dump of Super Mario Bros. That is, the one with the title screen and no trainer. Since Mario Improvement would only work with the ROM that had the trainer, I had to put in a minor amount of work to make this new patch work with the good ROM, which is why it has not appeared until now.

D o w n l o a d

  • v0.01: World 1-1 some Edited (private)
  • v0.02: World 1-1 Edited
  • v0.03: Worlds 1-1 some 1-2 Edited
  • v0.04: Worlds 1-1~1-2, Sound, Programming Edited
  • v0.05: Worlds 1-1~1-2 some 1-3, Sound, Programming Edited, Trainer Removed
  • v0.06: Worlds 1-1~1-3, Grafx, Sound, Programming Edited, Trainer Removed
C r e d i t s

ROM Hacking: MEGAߥTE
Beta Testing: Deezer, Phaythe, Pikachu
MI programmed by: _Demo_, Pikachu
Info docs by: zsKnight, Benzene

S c r e e n s h o t s

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