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Console Development


  Console Projects
  • NES Enhanced [MEGAߥTE] - NES emulator with advanced graphics capabilities (based on Nestopia).
    • Public release: soon

  • CDEFG (Comprehensive Data Explorer for Games) [MEGAߥTE] - Utility for manipulating common GameCube/Wii/Nintendo DS formats. Support for .GCM disc images, .TGC embedded disc images, .ARC archives, .TPL texture files, .BTI texture files, .DTX texture files, .BNR image files, Yay0 compressed files, and Yaz0 compressed files.
    • Public beta release: temporarily on hold

  • GameCube Broadband Adapter Debugger [MEGAߥTE] - GameCube-side broadband adapter debugger.
    • Public release: v0.1

  • Opthamologist [MEGAߥTE] - Program that reads in Dr. Mario through a video feed and tries to play it.

  Web-based Projects
  • KonMan [MEGAߥTE] - The Konfiskated Teknologies Content Management System composed of several components and featured at many websites including The Mushroom Kingdom, The Bonk Compendium, Video Game Jam, and Patent Pending.
    Database System - Flat-file-based database management system with powerful macros, caching, and direct editing.
    Templated Display System - Parsers for SSI-like templates and databases to enable efficient management and display of information and incorporation of other KonMan systems.
    Hierarichal Data System - XML-based administration useful for entering and transforming data structured in tree form, such as mailbags, based on templates.
    Newsfeed System - Uses XSLT transforms to generate newsfeed content from a database.
    Managed Wiki System - Wiki system with public and approval-based data editing modes and AJAX editing, and integrated with editors from the other KonMan systems.
    Image Management System - Automatically generates thumbnails for quick creation of image galleries.
    Common CGI System - Efficiently handles common tasks, such as form and cookie handling and authentication.
    • Public release: not yet
    • Private release: various

  Future Projects
  • TetriNET GC [MEGAߥTE] - TetriNET client/server for Nintendo GameCube
    • Public release: not yet

  • TetriNET DS [MEGAߥTE] - TetriNET client/server for Nintendo DS
    • Public release: not yet

  • SMK ARE [MEGAߥTE] - Super Mario Kart ROM track editor
    • Public release: not yet

  Previous Projects
  • Atari 2600 Demos [Phaythe] - Simple Atari 2600 demo ROMs.
    • Release: download

  • Famicom v4.0x English [MEGAߥTE] - Translation of Famicom from Japanese to English.
  • Flux [Phaythe] - 6502 emulator written in C++.
  • Mega Mario Bros. [MEGAߥTE] - A Mario Improvement & Hex edit Super Mario Bros. hack.
    • Public alpha release: v0.05

  • MergeCT [Phaythe] - NES ROM data combiner.
    • Public alpha release: download

  • Sounder [Phaythe] - Simple NES demo ROM.
    • Release: download

  • T3 - TPL to TIFF texture converter [MEGAߥTE] - Converts .TPL GameCube textures to .TIF format. Discontinued for CDEFG.
    • Public beta release: v0.1

  • TiSE [MEGAߥTE] - Program to edit ROM data, starting with title screen and CHR information.
  • WinGroove v0.Ax English [MEGAߥTE] - Translation of WinGroove from Japanese to English.

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