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TiSE [Title Screen Editor]
ROM hacking and programming by MEGAߥTE

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TiSE [Title Screen Editor] are two programs that allow you to edit the title screen data in the Super Mario Bros. and other ROMs. There is a text-only MS-DOS and a graphical point-and-click Windows version. It is written in C++ and VC++ using MSVC++ v1.52c. It is in the early testing stages so there are likely to be several bugs present. Use at your own risk. Stay tuned here for the latest developments!

M S - D O S . V e r s i o n

v0.06 released: Added ability to switch between ROM storage types while editing.
v0.05 released: Better address limits. Added Super Mario Bros. bootleg support.
v0.04 released: Added Vs. Super Mario Bros. support. Added ability edit a whole row at a time.
v0.03 released. Increased usability. Added option between decimal and hexidecimal output.
v0.02 completed. Added data dump. Bug occurs when data value is 0x0A-0x0D: it displays the next address value. Added ROM detection.
v0.01 released. Opens ROM, allows title screen address values to be changed and saved.
Initial ROM hacking.
W i n 1 6 . V e r s i o n

v0.01 released. Will read values and output Super Mario Bros. CHR data stored as a BMP. Point-and-click functionality code added but not functional. 1998.08.05
v0.00 completed. Created basis skeleton code. No functionality.
H e l p . W a n t e d

  • Any info on DOS graphics and mouse C++ routines would be appreciated.
  • Any info on how to read CHR data would also be appreciated
  • Mail me if you have the listed info, or any other relevant info. Thanx.
D o w n l o a d

C r e d i t s

Programming: MEGAߥTE
ROM Hacking: MEGAߥTE
Beta Testing: Deezer
Greetz: Pikachu, Netside, ReFluX, Ganon, pk23, DarkOrk

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